Men's Fall Wedding Attire: Fabrics, Outfits & Style Tips for Grooms and Guests

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Men's Fall Wedding Attire

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As a wedding guest, deciding what to wear for a fall wedding can be challenging. The fall season brings unpredictable and ever-changing weather ranging from warm sunny days to blustery winds and rain showers. As you choose an outfit, you'll need to prepare for any type of weather while also dressing appropriately for the formality of the wedding.

In this comprehensive guide on men's fall wedding guest attire, we'll provide style ideas and advice to help you navigate your clothing choices for attending a wedding in the autumn months.

Our goal is to equip you with expertise and insights on:

- Fabrics, materials, and color palettes suited for fall

- Recommended jackets, vests, shirts, ties, pants, and footwear

- How to assemble complete outfits that align with fall wedding dress codes

- Considerations for dressing practically for outdoor fall weddings

Follow our guidance and you'll look sharp and feel comfortable regardless of the weather or setting. Let's get started!

Fabrics and Materials for Fall Weddings

The unpredictable fall weather poses a unique challenge when selecting fabrics and materials for men's wedding attire. The fabric should provide versatility to handle dropping temperatures while looking and feeling appropriate for a wedding.

  • Wool - A wool suit or blazer provides warmth while also looking formal for a wedding. Merino wool is a popular choice as it resists wrinkles.
  • Gabardine - Durable tightly woven fabric that offers weather resistance. Allows some breathability.
  • Flannel - Provides warmth and its casual texture fits with fall rustic weddings.
  • Cashmere - Extremely soft luxury fabric spun from cashmere goat hair with insulating properties. Expensive option.
  • Linen - Breathable and lightweight fabric appropriate for warmer fall days but not cold weather.
  • Tweed - Made from wool with color flecks and texture. Pairs well with autumn countryside wedding aesthetics.
  • Corduroy - Made from cotton, corduroy has thickness for warmth along with soft comfort. Provides a smart casual appearance.
  • Chino - Twill fabric typically from cotton with a matte surface and lightweight feel. chino pantsare popular and versatile.

Avoid These Fabrics

  • Seersucker - The thin weave of this summertime fabric lacks weather resistance and insulating qualities.
  • Poplin - While nice for spring and summer wear, poplin cotton suits are too lightweight for fall weather extremes.
  • Linen-silk blends - These fabrics wrinkle easily and breathe poorly, unsuitable for fall wedding attire.

Color Palette

Richer deeper hues pair naturally with fall colors.

  • Navy
  • Charcoal Gray
  • Brown
  • Olive Green
  • Burgundy
  • Plum
  • Mustard Yellow

With your fabric and color choices informing your purchases, let's look closely at recommended suit jackets, vests, shirts, ties, and accessories for fall wedding attire.

Jackets and Vests

YourOuterwear plays an integral role in keeping you comfortable amidst fall weather while maintaining a polished put together wedding look. Layer with the following options:

Suit Jackets

Suit jackets instantly boost formality. Strive for versatile fabrics and colors enabling you to use separates year-round.

  • Wool Blazer - Choose a mid to heavy weight wool fabric like flannel, twill, or gabardine. Opt for a darker neutral hue like navy or charcoal gray. Peak lapels add sophistication. Horn buttons make a nice traditional touch. Consider a subtly patterned fabric like houndstooth or herringbone for visual interest.
  • Tweed Sport Coat - Tweed blends right in with the fall country wedding vibe. Stick to muted tones to keep it classic. Elbow patches provide character.
  • Corduroy Jacket - A jacket in cotton corduroy adds comfortable warmth. Keep the color classic like tan, brown, navy, or olive. Consider a bomber or Harrington style for a more casual look.
  • Three Piece Suit - A three piece suit featuring a matching vest gives you flexibility to adjust layers. Charcoal gray and navy suits work year-round.

What to Avoid

  • Seersucker suits - Too lightweight and summery for fall.
  • Bright colors - Avoid brighter hues that may look out of place for a fall wedding.
  • Black suits - Best to skip unless specifically requested for a formal evening ceremony. Black comes across overly somber against fall colors.


On cooler days, smart layering with a vest helps trap heat while accentuating your outfit.

Best Vest Styles

  • Five button vest - The extra length provides additional core warmth
  • Cashmere sweater vest - Upgrades any outfit with soft luxury
  • Patterned Fair Isle vest - Makes your outfit pop
  • Simple navy or gray vest - Safe easy choice to pair with a range of jackets
  • Contrasting vest - Compliments your suit jacket lining

Vest Pairings

  • Matching suit vest - Integrates seamlessly as a 3-piece suit
  • Odd vest in a coordinating color or fabric - Ties together a mix and match suit combination

Now that we've covered jackets and vests, let's explore recommended dress shirts, ties, pocket squares and other accessories.

Shirts and Ties

A button-down collared dress shirt pulled together with a coordinating necktie and pocket square forms the foundation of your handsome autumn wedding attire.

Dress Shirts

Aim for versatile dress shirt colors and fabrics enabling use across multiple seasons and occasions.

Best Fabric Choices

  • Poplin - Crisp medium weight cotton material available in white or light blue for a formal look
  • Oxford - Beautifully textured cotton or cotton blend perfect for button-downs
  • Flannel - Soft brushed fabric that brings warmth
  • Pinpoint or twill - Great year-round choices with visual depth and durability
  • White - Always classic, especially under darker jackets
  • Light blue - Similarly easy to pair option
  • Pastels - Light pink, mint green, lavender for a springtime touch
  • Stripes or checks - Adds dimension in solids or contrasting patterns

What to Avoid

  • Black - Overpowering and best reserved for evening formal events
  • Bright neons - Too loud and casual

Collar and Cuff Styles

  • Button-down collar - Hallmark of a dress shirt
  • Point collar - Sleek triangular fold over collar showing minimal neck skin
  • Barrel cuffs - Pairs well with suits, fastened with cufflinks
  • Rounded French cuffs - Formal edge with exposed shirt lining


Ties visually pull together your entire look. Select colors and patterns strategically to aesthetically flatter your complexion and coordinate with your suit or sport jacket.

  • Knit ties - Soft textures like tweed, silk, or wool suit fall, coming in earth tones, small repetitive patterns, or solid colors
  • Grenadine ties - Woven silk ties with ribbing running width-wise
  • Silk ties - Timeless style with various sheens (matte to high shine satin) and pattern options
  • Pre-tied bow ties - Just slip in around the collar for a little whimsy
  • Skinny ties - For pairing with trim fitting modern suits and looks

What to Avoid

  • Clip-on ties - Can damage shirt collars, lack sophistication
  • Extra wide ties - Generally best to keep your tie between 3.5 - 4 inches at its widest point


Well-chosen accessories put the finishing polish on your wedding outfit.

Pocket Squares

  • White linen pocket square - Crisp, classic accompaniment to any suit jacket
  • Silk pocket squares - Available in varied fall-friendly hues and patterns
  • Flag style fold - An angled horizontal fold looks great peeking out of your jacket pocket

Tie Bars and Clips

  • Silver or gunmetal tie clip - Subtly keeps your tie neatly in place
  • Engraved tie bar - Expresses personal style
  • Place either tie accessory between 3 and 4 inches below the knot of a ties
  • Simple metal cufflinks - Allow french cuff dress shirts to properly fit your wrists
  • Silk knot cufflinks - Coordinate with your tie or pocket square

With guidance provided on dress shirts, ties, and accessories, let's shift our focus lower on the body to trousers, suits, and footwear.

Trousers and Suits

You have top half looking sharp. Now let's get the right pants and suits to creatively complement your spiffy shirts, ties, jackets and vests.


Having at least one pair of dress pants ready for weddings and other formal events proves useful. Look for durable fabrics with a touch of stretch offering both crisp lines and flexible comfort.

  • Wool pants - Available in various weights suitable for fall and winter wear
  • Gabardine wool - Features a slight sheen and impressive shape retention
  • Flannel wool - Provides extra warmth and visual depth
  • Cotton twill - Hard wearing thickly woven cotton material
  • Cotton chinos - Softly brushed clean front all-purpose pants finding increasing acceptance even at formal events
  • Linen blend - Includes stretch fibers like spandex for better crease resistance and fit


Investing in a fine wool suit offers lifelong use across every occasion requiring professional dress. Alternatively, creatively mixing and matching separates enables budget-friendly flexibility.

  • Navy - Universally flattering neutral that looks sharp year-round
  • Medium gray - Similarly easy to pair suit shade
  • Charcoal gray - Darker alternative when you wish to make a serious sophisticated statement
  • Windowpane plaid - Classy neutral toned suit pattern
  • Brown tones - From light tan to deep chocolate brown, earth colors suit autumn
  • Checked or houndstooth patterns - Classic regal textures befitting the most formal events

Aim for versatile two-piece suit sets lending themselves to splitting up and remixing for multiple uses. For optimal flexibility, purchase suit jackets and pants separately, allowing you to mix and match between pieces.

Now let's explore shoes and other accessories to take your wedding guest attire to the next level.

Shoes and Accessories

Selecting shoes and accessories provides you an opportunity to subtly express personal flair while upholding formal style standards.


  • Oxford leather dress shoes - Timeless classic lace-up style in black or brown leather
  • Monk strap shoes - Loosens up traditional oxford look with easy straps instead of laces
  • Loafers - Slip-on leather shoes work perfectly for more casual fall weddings
  • Chelsea boots - In brown leather or suede, Chelsea boots smartly bridge dress shoes and casual boots
  • Brogues/wingtips - Decorative perforations trim the toe and sides set these leather shoes apart
  • Boat shoes or loafers - For coastal or lakeside fall weddings, these are just the ticket

What to Avoid

  • Sneakers
  • Work boots
  • Flip flops or sandals


  • Over-the-calf wool dress socks - Keep your ankles warm and dry
  • Mid-calf merino wool socks - Comfortable fit under shorter pant legs
  • Patterned sock sets - Add whimsy peeking out from your lighter colored pants
  • Solid black or navy socks - Continues clean lines from your pants for a dressier look


  • Black or brown leather - Coordinate belt with your shoes
  • Braided leather - Provides visual interest
  • Woven belts - Pick up colors from your outfit accessories


  • Watches - Stainless steel, silver, or leather bands align with formal style
  • Tie clips - Polished metal or jeweled clips neatly keep ties in place
  • Cuff links - Connect french cuff dress shirt sleeves
  • Lapel pins - Discreetly share affiliations or hobbies

Eyeglasses and Sunglasses

  • Classic frame eyeglasses - Clear lens stylish eyeglasses
  • Designer sunglasses - Help see in bright outdoor wedding settings

Putting Together Complete Outfits

With a grasp on recommended individual clothing items and accessories for fall weddings, let's look at techniques for coordinating everything into sharply dressed head-to-toe looks.

Match Leathers

Mixing brown and black generally comes across as clashing. Pick one as your dominant leather color and stick with it for your shoes, belt, and leather accessories.

Coordinate Metals

Similarly, be consistent across metal jewelry pieces, watches, glasses, cufflinks and other accents. Warm gold, silver, gunmetal and brushed metallic finishes present classic refined style.

Pattern Pairing Guidance

Solids and subtly textured fabrics easily intermix. When combining stronger patterns, vary scale and follow one of these approaches:

  • Match colors exactly - Identical or closely matching hues unite visually busy patterns
  • Clarify with solid divider - A solid colored accessory between complex patterns allows each textile to stand out
  • Mind proportion - Pair a bold large patterned jacket with small-scale patterned tie and pocket square

Sample Color Palette Outfits

Ivory linen suit, navy grenadine tie, white shirt

Crisp light classic for warmer fall weddings

Charcoal gray suit jacket, medium gray odd vest, navy dress trousers, white shirt, purple and lavender checked tie

Creative mix incorporating suit separates with colors inspired by harvest hues

Brown corduroy sport jacket, tan chinos, mustard yellow sweater vest, white button-down shirt, wool plaid burnt orange bow tie

Smart casual look with distinctive fall inspired warmth


Olive green tweed blazer, gray windowpane vest, light blue oxford shirt, slate gray wool trousers, olive and rust striped tie

Textured take on olive as a sophisticated neutral

Navy suit, mahogany leather shoes, burgundy dress shirt, navy, red, and silver diagonal striped tie, white linen pocket square

Deep fall hues contrasted with crisp white for visual interest

Herringbone gray suit jacket, matching vest, light pink shirt, charcoal slim wool pants, dotted silver and black silk tie, black oxford shoes

Monochromatic with subtle colorful touches on a popular combo

There are endless possibilities for creatively coordinating shades, patterns and textures. Use these sample recommended pairings as inspiration while factoring in your personal preferences and comfort level with color.

Now let's get some final tips on dressing for outdoor fall weddings.

Considerations for Outdoor Fall Weddings

Outdoor fall weddings connect beautifully with the season but require additional considerations regarding comfort and practicality.

Dress in Layers

The outdoors magnify unpredictable variable weather shifts. Smart layering allows removing or adding pieces while sustaining a polished put-together appearance.

Recommended layers:

  • Undershirt: Light moisture wicking base layer
  • Dress shirt
  • Vest, sweater or cardigan
  • Jacket or overcoat
  • Scarf
  • Overcoat or rain jacket

Weatherproof Footwear

Plan footwear for likely outdoor conditions while meeting standard wedding formalities.

Ideal shoes for fall outdoor weddings:

  • Leather oxfords with rubber soles and waterproof treatment
  • Water resistant leather boots
  • Loafers with good traction

Take Precautions

  • Check weather forecast regularly as event nears reassessing clothing
  • BringBackup umbrella, coat, scarf and gloves
  • Apply water protection spray to shoes and outerwear

Dressing practically while following formal wear guidelines makes enjoying the beautiful fall wedding hassle-free.


Attending weddings in the fall brings unique style considerations compared to warmer months. Aspects like comfort, insulation, wind resistance and versatility grow in importance for guest outfits.

By planning ahead with seasonal fabrics and recommended layering strategies, you can confidently dress to impress without sacrificing comfort. Refer to this guide's suggestions when deciding what to wear to be prepared for fall wedding invitations.

We covered fabrics, colors, essential clothing items, shoes, accessories and complete outfits intended to equip you for assembling a sharply put-together fall wedding look. Feel free to reference back for wedding attire ideas as autumn events appear on your calendar.


  1. What fabrics are best for men’s suits and blazersfor fall weddings? Wool, gabardine, cashmere, tweed, flannel, and corduroy are recommended fabrics for men's fall wedding suits and blazers They provide warmth while meeting formalwear standards.

  2. What style of men’s dress shoes works best for a fall wedding? Opt for leather oxfords, monk straps, loafers, or Chelsea boots in black or brown leather. Make sure soles offer traction and treat leather with waterproofing spray.

  3. Should men wear a vest to a fall wedding? Yes, a vest smartly boosts warmth while allowing you to remove layers if temperatures rise. Well-chosen vests also lend sophistication.

  4. What color suit is best for a guest to wear to a fall wedding? Versatile neutral navy, medium gray, olive and charcoal gray suits are frontrunners. For richer fall hues try a brown, plum or mustard-colored suit. Just avoid black or white suits unless requested.

  5. How can men dress for outdoor fall weddings? Layer garments for adaptable insulation. Bring backup umbrella, coat, scarf and gloves. Waterproof shoes and outerwear to endure potential rain or dampness. Check weather regularly as event nears.