Reliving the Boldness: Men’s 80s Prom Attire With a Modern Twist

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The 1980s was a decade that broke many fashion norms and introduced bold styles that continue to influence modern attire. Men's fashion during this period was particularly distinctive, characterized by bright colors, bold patterns, and a daring attitude toward style. Fast forward to today, and the 80s fashion trends are making a grand comeback, especially in themed events like proms.

Key Takeaways

80s Fashion Element Modern Interpretation Brumano Collection Item
Bold Colors Contemporary Hues Men’s Shirts
Unique Patterns Modern Designs Men’s Jackets
Layering Stylish Layering Men’s T-Shirts

Exploring Brumano's Collections

The modern gentleman, while appreciating contemporary fashion, also enjoys a throwback to bolder times, especially when it comes to themed events like proms. Brumano's collection, although modern, provides a perfect canvas to recreate the 80s magic with a current-day twist.

Men’s Shirts:
The array of shirts available in Brumano's collection offers a plethora of colors and patterns that can be styled to resonate with the vibrant and bold 80s fashion. Pair a bright or patterned shirt with a classic pair of denim jeans, and you've got a simple yet effective 80s look. Explore Men’s Shirts Collection

Men’s Jackets:

The 80s were all about making a statement. A jacket from Brumano’s collection can be paired with a bright shirt or a graphic tee to recreate the daring style of the 80s, all while maintaining a modern sophistication. Discover Men’s Jackets Collection

Men’s T-Shirts:
T-shirts serve as a great base for layering, a popular trend in the 80s. Brumano’s T-shirts can be paired with jackets, or worn under open shirts to achieve a casual yet stylish 80s look. Browse Men’s T-Shirts Collection.

The key to nailing the 80s look is to not shy away from colors, patterns, and layering. The above-mentioned items from Brumano's collection can help you achieve the desired look for your 80s themed prom night. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into accessorizing and further styling tips to make your prom attire a blast from the past with a modern flair.

Accessorizing Your Attire

No 80s look is complete without the right accessories. While Brumano offers a modern collection, a little creativity can go a long way in achieving that coveted 80s prom attire. Let’s explore some accessory ideas:

  • 1. Sunglasses: Go for aviator or wayfarer sunglasses, iconic styles of the 80s.
  • 2. Belts: Wide leather belts or belts with large buckles can add an 80s vibe to your outfit.
  • 3. Footwear: Opt for loafers or lace-up boots to complement your attire.
  • 4. Jewelry: Don a classic watch or some bracelets to add a bit of bling to your look.
  • 5. Hats: Fedoras or trilby hats can top off your 80s inspired outfit perfectly.

Key Accessory Takeaways

Accessory Type 80s Style Choice Modern Twist
Sunglasses Aviator Contemporary Design
Belts Wide Leather Sleek Leather
Footwear Loafers Modern Loafers
Jewelry Bracelets Minimalist Watches
Hats Fedora Trilby Hat

Blending the Old with the New

The blend of 80s fashion with modern attire creates a unique style that stands out, especially for a themed prom event. Here’s how you can blend the old with the new using Brumano’s collection:

  • 1. Mixing Patterns and Solids: Pair solid colored jackets or t-shirts with patterned shirts to create a balanced yet bold look. The contrast between modern solids and vibrant 80s patterns can create a visually appealing outfit.
  • 2. Layering: Layering was big in the 80s. Experiment with different layers using Brumano’s jackets, shirts, and t-shirts to create depth and interest in your outfit.
  • 3. Color Blocking: Embrace the 80s color blocking trend by pairing bold colored items from Brumano’s collection together. This can create a striking and memorable outfit for your prom night.

Final Styling Tips

As we conclude our journey back to the 80s with a modern twist, here are some final tips to ensure you rock your 80s themed prom attire:

  • 1. Embrace Boldness: Don’t shy away from bold colors and patterns. The 80s were all about standing out and making a statement.
  • 2. Accessorize Wisely: Choose accessories that complement your outfit and add that 80s flair without being overpowering.
  • 3. Comfort is Key: While style is paramount, ensure your attire is comfortable for a night of dancing and fun.


Reliving the bold and adventurous spirit of the 80s doesn’t mean sacrificing contemporary style. With Brumano’s modern collection, you can effortlessly blend the audacious 80s fashion with today’s sleek and sophisticated trends. As you step into the prom venue adorned in an outfit that pays homage to the 80s while embodying modern elegance, you’re not just making a fashion statement but celebrating a timeless era that continues to inspire the fashion realm.

Explore the New Arrivals on Brumano’s website to begin your journey towards creating an unforgettable 80s inspired prom attire. With the right
pieces and a sprinkle of creativity, your prom night can be a stylish trip back in time with a modern-day chic.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How can I style Men's 80s prom attire with a modern twist?

Embrace bold colors and patterns from the 80s while pairing them with modern pieces from Brumano's collection. Utilize layering, mix patterns with solids, and don’t shy away from accessorizing to achieve a unique 80s inspired look with a modern twist.

2. What Brumano collection items can help achieve a Men's 80s prom attire look?

Brumano’s Men's Shirts, Jackets, and T-Shirts collections can be styled to resonate with the 80s fashion. Pair bright or patterned shirts with jackets or layer t-shirts under open shirts to create a casual yet stylish 80s look.

3. What accessories complement Men's80s prom attire?

Aviator or wayfarer sunglasses, wide leather belts, loafers or lace-up boots, bracelets, and fedoras or trilby hats are great accessories to complement Men's 80s prom attire.

4. How can I blend modern attire with 80s fashion for a prom event?

Mixing patterns with solid colors, experimenting with layering, and embracing color blocking are effective ways to blend modern attire with 80s fashion for a prom event. Utilizing items from Brumano’s collection can help achieve this blend seamlessly.

5. Where can I find modern clothing items to create a Men's 80s prom attire look?

Explore Brumano’s New Arrivals and other collections to find modern clothing items that can be styled to create a Men's 80s prom attire look. The variety of shirts, jackets, and t-shirts provide a great canvas to experiment with 80s fashion.