How to Choose the Perfect Men's Dress Shirt: Fit, Fabric, and Style

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The Ultimate Guide to Men's Dress Shirts: Look Sharp for Any Occasion

When it comes to building a versatile and stylish wardrobe, having a selection of well-fitting, high-quality men's dress shirts is essential. Dress shirts are a staple for any man, whether you're dressing up for a formal occasion, looking sharp at the office, or adding a touch of sophistication to a casual outfit. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the key features, styles, and tips for choosing the perfect men's dress shirt.

Key Features of a Great Dress Shirt

When shopping for dress shirts, pay attention to these key features to ensure you're getting a high-quality garment:

  • Fabric: Look for smooth, tightly woven fabrics like 100% cotton, cotton blends, linen, and silk. Avoid cheap polyester.
  • Fit: A dress shirt should fit close to the body without being tight. Know your neck size and sleeve length for the perfect proportions.
  • Collar: Choose a collar style that flatters your face shape. Popular options include point, spread, and button-down collars.
  • Cuffs: French cuffs (folded back and fastened with cufflinks) are the dressiest. Barrel cuffs (buttoned) are more versatile.
  • Color/Pattern: Every man needs basic whites and light blues, but a variety of colors and patterns are useful for different occasions.
  • Details: Look for quality stitching, mother-of-pearl buttons, spare buttons, and a breast pocket for an extra polished look.

Choosing the Right Fabric

The fabric of your dress shirt plays a crucial role in both its appearance and comfort. Some popular dress shirt fabrics include:

  1. Cotton: Soft, breathable, and easy to care for, cotton is a classic choice for dress shirts. Look for high-quality, 100% cotton for the best comfort and durability.
  2. Linen: Known for its lightweight and airy feel, linen is an excellent option for warm weather or more casual occasions.
  3. Oxford: A slightly heavier and more textured fabric, oxford cloth is a versatile choice that works well for both casual and dressy looks.
Fabric Characteristics Best For
Cotton Soft, breathable, easy care Everyday wear, all seasons
Linen Lightweight, airy Warm weather, casual occasions
Oxford Heavier, textured Versatile, casual to dressy

Dress Shirt Colors and Patterns

While white and light blue are the most traditional dress shirt colors, don't be afraid to experiment with other hues and patterns to add some personality to your wardrobe. Some popular options include:

  • Solid Colors: White, light blue, pink, lavender
  • Stripes: Narrow or wide, vertical stripes in various colors
  • Checks: Gingham, windowpane, or plaid patterns
  • Prints: Subtle geometric prints or micro-patterns

Remember, the occasion and your personal style will dictate the most appropriate color and pattern choice.

Sky Blue Micro Dobby Shirt With Cutaway Collar

Collar Styles

The collar of your dress shirt can significantly impact its overall look and formality. Some common collar styles include:

  1. Point Collar: The most classic and versatile collar style, suitable for any occasion.
  2. Spread Collar: A wider collar that pairs well with larger tie knots and creates a more formal look.
  3. Button-Down Collar: A casual collar style that features buttons to hold the collar points down, perfect for more relaxed occasions.
  4. Cutaway Collar: An extreme spread collar that creates a modern, trendy look.

White Button Down Shirt With Beige Elbow Patch

Cuff Styles

The cuffs of your dress shirt can also vary in style, each offering a different level of formality:

  1. Barrel Cuff: The most common cuff style, featuring a simple button closure.
  2. French Cuff: A more formal cuff style that is folded back and fastened with cufflinks.
  3. Convertible Cuff: A versatile cuff that can be worn with buttons or cufflinks.

How to Style Dress Shirts for Different Occasions

A dress shirt is an incredibly versatile garment that you can style many different ways. Here are some ideas for different dress codes and occasions:

Business Professional:

  • White or light blue shirt
  • Dark suit and tie
  • Leather dress shoes
  • Minimal accessories

Business Casual:

  • Shirt in white, pastel, or pattern
  • Slacks or khakis
  • Sport coat or sweater (optional)
  • Leather loafers or oxford shoes

Cocktail Attire:

  • Shirt in jewel tone or bold pattern
  • Solid dark suit
  • Tie or bow tie
  • Dressy leather shoes
  • Pocket square and watch

Smart Casual:

  • Shirt in vibrant color or print
  • Dark jeans or colored chinos
  • Blazer or cardigan
  • Suede shoes or loafers
  • Funky socks and accessories


  • Shirt in denim, flannel, or print
  • Sleeves rolled up
  • Jeans or shorts
  • Untucked or half-tucked
  • Sneakers or boat shoes
  • Sunglasses and hat

Brumano's Top Dress Shirt Picks

Brumano offers a wide range of men's dress shirts to suit every style, budget, and occasion. Here are some of our favorites:

  1. White Structured Formal Shirt: A classic white dress shirt with a structured fit, perfect for any formal occasion. White Structured Formal Shirt

  2. Blue Button Down Textured Casual Shirt: A versatile blue button-down shirt with a textured fabric, ideal for business casual looks. Blue Button Down Textured Casual Shirt

  3. Pink Oxford Long Sleeve Casual Shirt With Detailing: A stylish pink Oxford shirt with unique detailing, perfect for smart casual outfits. Pink Oxford Long Sleeve Casual Shirt With Detailing

  4. Sky Blue Jacquard Cotton Linen Shirt: A lightweight and breathable sky blue linen blend shirt, ideal for warm weather. Sky Blue Jacquard Cotton Linen Shirt

Browse our entire collection of men's dress shirts to find the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

Dress Shirt Care and Maintenance

To keep your dress shirts looking their best, follow these care tips:

  1. Always check the care label instructions before washing.
  2. Wash shirts in cold or warm water, depending on the fabric and color.
  3. Hang or lay flat to dry, as excessive heat from a dryer can cause shrinkage and damage.
  4. Iron or steam as needed, paying extra attention to the collar, cuffs, and front placket.
  5. Store shirts on hangers in a cool, dry place to maintain their shape and avoid wrinkles.

With proper care, your high-quality dress shirts from Brumano will last for years to come. Investing in a garment steamer and a set of thin hangers can also help keep them looking crisp.

Complete Your Look with Brumano

In addition to our extensive collection of men's dress shirts, Brumano offers a full range of menswear and accessories to help you complete your look for any occasion. Browse our collections to find the perfect pieces to pair with your dress shirts:

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How should a dress shirt fit? A dress shirt should fit comfortably through the shoulders, with the cuffs hitting just below your wrist bone. The collar should allow for one finger's space between your neck and the fabric, and the shirt should be tailored through the torso without being too tight.

  2. What dress shirt colors are most versatile? White and light blue are the most versatile dress shirt colors, as they pair well with almost any suit, tie, or accessory.

  3. Can I wear a dress shirt untucked? While dress shirts are traditionally worn tucked in, some casual styles, like Oxford or linen shirts, can be worn untucked for a more relaxed look. Make sure the shirt is cut shorter and has a straight or slightly curved hem for an untucked fit.

  4. How do I care for my dress shirts? Always follow the care label instructions, but in general, wash dress shirts in cold or warm water, hang or lay flat to dry, and iron or steam as needed. Store shirts on hangers in a cool, dry place.

  5. How many dress shirts should I own? At a minimum, every man should own at least one white shirt, one light blue shirt, and one patterned shirt. If you wear dress shirts frequently, aim for 7-14 shirts to ensure you always have a clean one ready to go.

Elevate Your Style with Brumano Dress Shirts

A well-curated collection of dress shirts is the backbone of any stylish man's wardrobe. By investing in high-quality shirts in a range of colors and styles, you'll always be ready to dress the part - whether you're leading a big meeting, attending a formal event, or heading out for date night.

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