The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Perfect Hoodie Online

The Ultimate Guide to Buying the Perfect Hoodie Online

Hoodies are a versatile closet staple loved by people of all ages for their cozy comfort and laidback style. As an essential garment that works for lounging, layering, and casual wear, buying hoodies online has become an increasingly popular option.

This definitive guide provides expert strategies for purchasing the ideal hoodie online to match your style, budget, and needs.

Why Buy Hoodies Online?

Shopping for hoodies online provides many key benefits:

  • Convenience: Shop 24/7 from home without traveling to stores
  • Bigger selection: Wider range of styles, sizes, colors and brands than in-store
  • Competitive pricing: Lower overhead costs allow lower prices
  • Discounts: Online promo codes and sales provide great deals
  • Reviews: Read ratings and feedback from other buyers before you purchase
  • Easy returns: Return policies make exchanging or returning effortless

With these perks, buying hoodies online is often the best approach. This guide offers tips to ensure you get the perfect hoodie.

How to Choose a Quality Hoodie

Choosing a top-notch hoodie involves considering these key factors:

Hoodie Style

Hoodies come in diverse styles:

  • Pullover: Classic hoodie with front pocket. Most popular.
  • Zip-up: Hoodie with zipper closure rather than pullover design. More versatile.
  • Athletic: Fitted performance hoodies designed for working out.
  • Oversized: Loose, baggy hoodies for a relaxed fit. Great for lounging.
  • Crop top: Cropped short hoodies ending above the waistline. Pair with high-waisted bottoms.
  • No hood: Hoodie crewneck sweatshirts without the actual hood. More classic sweatshirt look.

Consider the style that best fits your personal preferences and intended use.


The hoodie fabric impacts comfort, warmth, durability and performance:

  • Cotton: Soft, breathable 100% cotton is the most common. Provides comfort with light warmth.
  • Cotton-polyester: Blends provide cotton's comfort with polyester's performance.
  • Fleece: Warm fuzzy polyester interior quickly traps heat and dries fast.
  • French terry: Absorbent looped cotton interior, textured exterior. Very warm.
  • Cashmere: Luxurious yet delicate and expensive cashmere hoodies. Unparalleled softness.
  • Wool: Naturally moisture-wicking, breathable, insulating and wrinkle-resistant.

Match the fabric to the climate and purposes for which you'll wear the hoodie.


Hoodie weight impacts warmth:

  • Lightweight: Thin, breathable fabric good for mild weather and layering.
  • Midweight: Provides coziness without overheating. Most versatile year-round.
  • Heavyweight: Thick & warm fabric intended for cold weather. Can get hot indoors.

Choose weight based on your climate. Lightweights work in cool weather while heavyweights excel for cold climates.

Color and Pattern

Hoodies come in every color and range of patterns:

  • Solid: Classic, versatile solids like black, gray white. Easy to match.
  • Multi-colored: Trendy colorblock or ombre dyed styles.
  • Graphic prints: Camo, tie-dye, animal print or other eye-catching prints and logos.
  • Distressed: Grungy faded hoodies suited for casual laidback environments.

Size and Fit

Getting an accurate hoodie size ensures ideal comfort and silhouette:

  • Measure your chest, waist, hips and arm length.
  • Consult individual size charts since brands vary.
  • Size up for an oversized, slouchy fit with room to layer.
  • Take your regular size for a trimmer fit.
  • Look at reviews and product details for fit guidance.
  • Hoodies may shrink slightly after washing and drying.

An oversized hoodie style is currently trending for casual wear, but a more fitted classic hoodie has better versatility.


Hoodie prices vary:

  • Materials: Cashmere and wool cost more than basic cotton.
  • Brand: Premium brands like Champion and Nike cost more.
  • Quality: Details like zippers and thicker fabrics increase prices.
  • Discounts: Sales, coupons and promo codes provide deals.

Expect to spend $20-$60 for regular cotton hoodies. Splurge on specialty fabrics or brands only for staple hoodies you'll wear frequently.

Customer Reviews

Reviews provide insight into true quality and fit:

  • Read feedback on sizing, fabric feel, warmth and durability.
  • Check for mentions of quality issues like shrinking, loose strings or tearing.
  • Assess how the actual fit compares to sizing chart recommendations.
  • Look for consistent five-star ratings and recommendations.

Prioritize hoodies with stellar reviews confirming great quality, accuracy and satisfaction.

Where to Buy Hoodies Online

Many major retailers sell hoodies. Here are top recommended places with stellar selections:


  • Extensive selection of styles, colors and brands at affordable pricing
  • Free shipping and returns make buying risk-free
  • User reviews help identify quality picks
  • Try styles through Prime Wardrobe before purchasing

American Giant

  • Extremely high-quality, durable classic American-made hoodies
  • Heavyweight options perfect for winter warmth
  • Slightly oversized fit, size down for a trim look
  • Extended sizing up to 4XL


  • Sturdy hoodies built to endure rugged outdoor work
  • Signature sherpa-lined and insulated styles
  • Known for roomy, casual fit
  • Mid-tier pricing averaging $50-$80


  • Retro heritage athletic brand but also modern stylish options
  • Well-constructed with substantial weight
  • Slim and regular loose fits available


  • Ethically manufactured staples focusing on premium fabrics
  • Trim fit with soft fleece lining and ribbing
  • Extended sizes from XXS-XL
  • $50-$65 midpoint price range


  • Broad assortment including zip-up, pullover, oversized and cropped
  • Made from soft cotton blends
  • Perpetual sales and promos


  • Budget basic cotton hoodies under $20
  • Signature tagless neckband
  • Quintessential roomy silhouette
  • Sizing up to 5XL


  • Luxe off-duty model-approved oversized hoodies
  • Buttery soft fabrics like french terry cotton
  • Edgy faded vintage wash effects
  • $80+ price tags

Evaluate each retailer across the following criteria:

  • Intended use cases: Casual, active, cold weather?
  • Fabrics: Light, mid or heavyweight? What materials?
  • Quality: Substantial, durable fabrics and stitches?
  • Fit: Do they run slim, oversized, true to size?
  • Versatility: Simple solids or stylish patterns?
  • Price and value: Fair pricing given the quality? Sales and promos?
  • Reviews: What do real customers say about sizing, longevity?
  • Sustainability: Eco-friendly and ethical brands as a priority?
  • Return policy: Can you easily exchange or return if unsatisfied?

Use these factors to zero in on retailers that align with your priorities.

Caring for Your Hoodie

Follow these expert care instructions to help hoodies last:


  • Check label instructions. Machine wash cold, delicate cycle.
  • Use non-chlorine bleach only if needed on white hoodies.
  • Wash dark hoodies separately to prevent fading.
  • Use a mild laundry detergent. Skip fabric softener to prevent buildup.
  • Turn hoodie inside out first to protect exterior.


  • Tumble dry low heat only to avoid damage.
  • Lay flat or hang to air dry instead which is best to prevent shrinking.

Preventing Damage

  • Spot treat stains immediately with mild detergent before washing.
  • Hand wash printed hoodies and air dry to protect graphics.
  • Don't overstuff your closet. Fold hoodies neatly and store on shelves.

With proper laundering care, a quality hoodie can last for years to come.

Buying Considerations for Men's vs Women's Hoodies

While features like fabric, fit and style apply equally, there are a few different buying factors when shopping for men's versus women's hoodies:

Men's Hoodie Considerations

  • Focus on casual everyday styles like pullovers in neutral, masculine color palettes.
  • Choose technical performance hoodies with moisture-wicking fabric for exercising.
  • Size up for room to layer larger shirtsor jacketsunderneath.
  • Opt for longer lengths that provide more rear coverage when bending over or reaching up.

Women's Hoodie Considerations

  • Ensure the cut provides enough room through the bust with shaping in at waist.
  • Look for cropped and shaped styles to complement the feminine figure.
  • Seek fabric with stretch to accommodate curves.
  • Thumbholes and longer sleeves prevent riding up for better coverage.
  • Include some fashion hoodies with feminine details like lace accents or knotted hems.

While differences exist, both men's and women's hoodies prioritize comfort, quality construction, personal style. Identify your priorities to select the best hoodie.

Hoodie Style Guide

Explore popular hoodie types to determine which style fits your needs:

Casual Day-to-Day Hoodies

These versatile hoodies work for everyday wear:

  • Pullover: Basic cotton pullover with pouch pocket.
  • Zip-up: Adjustable zip-front ventilation.
  • Lightweight: Thin cotton/poly blends for mild weather.
  • Oversized: Streetwear-inspired exaggerated silhouette.

Performance & Active Hoodies

Technical hoodies designed for working out and training:

  • Moisture-wicking: Polyester fabric keeps skin dry.
  • Stretch: Jersey knit hoodies flex with movement.
  • Thumbholes: Prevent sleeves riding up.
  • Zip closure: Adjustable venting while active.

Winter & Cold Weather Hoodies

Warmer heavyweight hoodies for frigid weather:

  • Sherpa fleece: Super soft faux shearling lining.
  • Wool: Temperature regulating, wind-resistant barrier.
  • Insulated: Maintains warmth even in cold climates.
  • Heathered: Speckled yarn hides dirt and stains.

Work & Safety Hoodies

Durable hoodies made for demanding trades work and hazardous conditions:

  • Hi-visibility: Bold neon orange or lime green.
  • Fire resistant: Special treated cotton/poly blend.
  • Reflective: Reflective tape illuminates in low light.
  • Utility: Reinforced front pouch pocket.

Trendy Fashion Hoodies

Fun and fashion-forward statement hoodies:

  • Cropped: Shorter fitted silhouette.
  • Oversized graphic: Giant artistic prints.
  • Tie dye: Psychedelic swirls of color.
  • Camo print: Tactical edge with camouflage patterns.
  • Faux fur: Plush fuzzy texture.

Consider your personal style and needs to narrow on the ideal category for your lifestyle.

Buying a Hoodie Online: Expert Tips

Follow these pro tips for buying hoodies online with confidence:

Compare Retailer Offerings

View choices across different brands and styles. Bookmark favorites to evaluate later across factors like price, quality and policies.

Read Sizing Details

Match your measurements to the posted size charts. Reference fit reviews and product descriptions to determine if an item runs small, oversized or true to size.

Ask Retailer Questions

Email or chat customer service to clarify sizing, material, quality, shipping and returns prior to ordering. Get answers to inform your buying decision.

Check Return Policy

Make sure the retailer offers a return policy you feel comfortable with in case you need to exchange sizes or the item doesn't meet expectations.

Order Multiple Sizes

If uncertain between sizes, order two and return the one with ill fit. Easier to swap sizes than undergo a return process after wearing the hoodie.

Following these expert recommendations removes the risks from buying hoodies online to help you locate cherished additions for your wardrobe.

Emerging innovations will continue improving the online hoodie shopping experience:

  • Recommendations - Retailers will suggest relevant hoodies based on your browsing history and purchases using advanced algorithms. This helps discover new favorites tailored to your taste.

  • Virtual try-on - New augmented reality technologies will allow previewing photo-realistic renderings of hoodies customized on your unique body type prior to buying.

  • Voice ordering - Internet-connected smart home devices make reordering staple hoodie styles and sizes effortless through conversational voice commands.

  • Subscription services - Curated monthly hoodie subscription boxes will automatically deliver new styles chosen for you based on a style profile. Eliminates shopping hassles.

  • Social commerce - Direct hoodie purchases seamlessly through retailers' Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat and future social media accounts that merge entertainment, community and shopping.

  • 3D digital design - Customers can potentially design fully customized hoodies from scratch using 3D digital design studios and produce them on-demand.

Online hoodie shopping conveniences will only accelerate as technologies personalize discovering and reordering favored styles.

FAQs About Buying Hoodies Online

How do hoodies fit compared to in-store purchases?

Hoodies bought online fit the same as those bought in physical stores. Just be diligent consulting retailer size charts and reading customer reviews on each style's cut and fit specifics.

What fabric is best for hoodies?

The optimal fabric depends on the season and intended use. Lightweight cotton works well for cool weather while heavy sherpa fleece and insulating wool provides cold weather warmth. Polyester blends make great moisture wicking activewear.

How much do hoodies shrink when washing?

100% cotton hoodies can shrink up to 5% when washed in hot water and dried using high heat. To prevent shrinking, wash in cold water and line dry instead. Pre-washing also helps stabilize fabric size.

Should you order a size up in hoodies bought online?

It's smart to order a size larger when buying hoodies to accommodate normal slight shrinking or to achieve an oversized look. But be sure to check reviews in case a style already runs generously large before sizing up.

What's the difference between men's and women's hoodies sizing?

Women's hoodies accommodate more room at the bust-line and taper with shaping at the waist. Consult individual size charts and read product details to assess hoodie cuts by gender.

What style hoodie is most versatile?

A classic pullover or zip-front hoodie style in black, gray or white will pair effortlessly with all your jeans, sweats, shorts and joggers making it a versatile year-round essential.


This comprehensive hoodie buying guide shared insider expertise on selecting the ideal hoodie to match your lifestyle needs and fashion sensibilities. Follow the recommendations within to invest in quality clothing storewith confidence.

What style speaks to you - an everyday pullover, sharp zip-up hoodie, plush sherpa-lined jacketor fierce graphic statement piece? Whatever you choose, enjoy building a well-rounded hoodie collection for all of life's cozy moments.