Achieving a Gatsby Look with Modern Men's Attire

Table Contents

Key Takeaway Table:

Aspect Description
Style Modern take on vintage Gatsby style
Key Pieces Striped and herringbone shirts, formal shirts
Accessorizing Adding vintage accessories like hats, bow ties
Occasions Suitable for themed parties and formal events
Brumano Collection Highlighting versatility and elegance of Brumano attire


  • Introducing the Gatsby attire theme: A reflection of the Roaring Twenties' elegance and flamboyance.
  • Modern-day relevance and resurgence of the Gatsby style, showcasing how a modern twist to this vintage style is becoming a trend.

Achieving the Gatsby Look

  • Highlighting key pieces from Brumano's collection that can be styled for a Gatsby look:

Discussing the versatility of Brumano's collection and how they can be paired with vintage accessories to recreate the Gatsby look.

The Modern Gatsby Style

  • Exploring how Brumano's New Arrivals can be incorporated into a modern Gatsby style.
  • Providing styling tips for combining modern and vintage elements.

This portion of the outline aims to introduce the Gatsby style, highlight key pieces from your collection that can be styled to achieve a Gatsby look, and begins to explore how modern apparel from Brumano can be integrated into a Gatsby-inspired style.

Diving deeper into styling tips:

  • 1. Choosing the right colors and patterns that resonate with the Gatsby era while maintaining a modern aesthetic.
  • 2. Pairing Brumano's Shirts and T-Shirts with classic trousers or tailored suits for a polished look.
  • 3. Accessorizing with vintage items such as bow ties, cufflinks, and hats to complete the Gatsby look.

Occasions to Sport the Gatsby Look

1. Themed Parties:

  • How to dress up for Gatsby-themed parties using items from Brumano's collection.
  • Example looks and how to accessorize them.

2. Formal Events:

  • Styling Brumano's formal wear for a sophisticated Gatsby look suitable for formal events.
  • Highlighting the versatility and elegance of Brumano’s New Arrivals in achieving a modern Gatsby look.

3. Casual Get-Togethers:

  • Creating a casual Gatsby look with Brumano’s T-Shirts and providing examples.

This section of the outline delves deeper into styling tips for achieving a modern Gatsby look with Brumano's collection. It also begins discussing various occasions where one can sport the Gatsby look, ranging from themed parties to casual get-togethers, and how Brumano’s collection can cater to these different settings.

4. Weddings and Special Celebrations:

  • Curating a Gatsby-inspired look for weddings or special celebrations using pieces from Brumano’s collection.
  • Suggestions on mixing and matching Brumano’s Shirts and accessories for a unique style statement.

5. Corporate Events:

  • Achieving a subtle Gatsby look suitable for corporate events.
  • Pairing Brumano’s formal wear with vintage accessories for a refined appearance.

Curating Your Gatsby Wardrobe with Brumano

  • Recommending key pieces from Brumano’s collection to start building a Gatsby-inspired wardrobe.
  • Tips on maintaining a balance between modern apparel and vintage Gatsby style.


  • Encouraging readers to explore and embrace a modern Gatsby style by integrating pieces from Brumano’s collection.
  • Inviting readers to discover the versatility and elegance of Brumano's collection in creating a unique style that pays homage to the Gatsby era.
  • Call to action: Exploring Brumano’s New Arrivals and Men’s Shirts to start curating their modern Gatsby wardrobe.

This final portion of the outline elaborates on more occasions to sport the Gatsby look, provides recommendations on curating a Gatsby-inspired wardrobe with Brumano's collection, and concludes by encouraging readers to explore and embrace this style using Brumano’s apparel.

FAQs: Gatsby Attire for Men with Brumano's Collection

1. What is the Gatsby attire for men?

Gatsby attire for men refers to the style of clothing inspired by the 1920s era, particularly as depicted in 'The Great Gatsby' by F. Scott Fitzgerald and its subsequent film adaptations. It is characterized by vintage elegance with a modern twist, often featuring striped and herringbone shirts, formal shirts, and vintage accessories like hats and bow ties.

2. How can I achieve a Gatsby look with Brumano's collection?

Achieving a Gatsby look with Brumano's collection can be done by selecting key pieces like striped and herringbone shirts, formal shirts, and pairing them with vintage accessories. Brumano's New Arrivals section often features modern apparel that can be styled to resonate with the Gatsby era.

3. What are some styling tips for a modern Gatsby look?

For a modern Gatsby look, opt for neutral tones, stripes, and herringbone patterns. Pair formal shirts with tailored trousers or suits and incorporate vintage accessories like hats and bow ties to complete the look.

4. Which occasions are suitable for sporting a Gatsby look?

Gatsby attire is suitable for themed parties, formal events, casual get-togethers, weddings, special celebrations, and corporate events. It provides a sophisticated yet trendy look that can be customized according to the occasion.

5. How can I start building a Gatsby-inspired wardrobe with Brumano?

Start by exploring Brumano's collection to find key pieces that resonate with the Gatsby style. Look for striped and herringbone shirts, formal shirts, and contemporary T-shirts. Incorporate vintage accessories and explore Brumano's New Arrivals for modern apparel that can be styled for a Gatsby look.