The Alluring World of Glamour & Dress in Final Fantasy XIV

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The Intriguing World of Fashion in Final Fantasy XIV

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Final Fantasy XIV has one of the most in-depth and creative glamour systems of any MMORPG on the market today. The glamour system allows players to customize the appearance of their gear sets by applying the visuals of one piece of gear onto another. This creates endless opportunities for unique outfits and self-expression.

In this article, we will explore some of the ways FFXIV players utilize the glamour system to roleplay nobility, royalty, and even fantasy villainy within the game world through their choice of attire.

Noble Attire in Final Fantasy XIV

For players who want to roleplay FFXIV nobility or royalty, the game contains numerous elegant attire options that allow for regal glamour.

Crafted Gear Sets

  • The Ishgardian Gown and Ishgardian Crakows craftable gear sets model stylish House Fortemps attire with lush capes and gold accents. They convey an aura of FFXIV nobility.
  • The augmented country clothes are finely tailored attire combining practicality and elegance, perfect for nobility focused on functionality alongside style.
  • For a militant take on noble fashion, the Holy Rainbow gear combines priestly robes with full plated armor, implying spiritual power and nobility.

Noble Gear Examples

Ishgardian Gown Augmented Country Clothes Holy Rainbow Attire

Dungeon Gear Drops

Many dangerous dungeons contain fallen royalty and nobility among their denizens. Defeating them allows their ornate raiment to be claimed:

  • The level 50 dungeon Amdapor Keep hosts an undead royal family with glamourable attire like the Augmented galleykeep's Whites.
  • The Crown of the Immaculate (Extreme) trial contains Augmented Radiant's attire themed around purity and holiness.
  • The level 60 dungeon Sohr Khai allows players to loot the welkin attire worn by its resident fallen royalty.

Royal Dungeon Gear Examples

Augmented Galleykeep's Whites Augmented Radiant's Attire Welkin Attire

Achievement Rewards

Some in-game achievements unlock glamours themed around nobility or country leaders:

  • Completing the achievement "Noblesse Oblige" grants the player nobility's garb like the Farland attire.
  • Finishing the difficult questline "Her Last Vow" rewards loyal service with nobility outfits like Hraesvelgr's Holy Vestments.

Nobility Achievement Glamours

Farland Attire Hraesvelgr's Holy Vestments

Craftable Quest Rewards

A few major questlines reward the WoL's service with craftable royal raiments:

  • The 60+ quests "The Sorrow of Werlyt" offer nobility's armaments like the Diamond attire of fending.
  • "The Sorrows of Werlyt" questline gifts the honorable Werlyt gown upon completion to loyal warriors.

Royal Quest Reward Glamours

Diamond Armor of Fending Werlyt Gown

FFXIV Eureka Gear

The dangerous Eureka zone introduced in Stormblood hosts fallen royal giants and knights. Defeating them allows players to loot and glamour their royal garb:

  • Eurekan attire drops from giant royalty inside Eureka contain knightly armor with elegant gold and blue accents.
  • Many notorious monsters in Eureka drop carbon attire themed around Allagan royalty and nobility.

Eureka Royal Gear Examples

Eurekan Fending Attire Carbon Plate Belt of Fending

Villainous Attire in FFXIV

For those wanting a more ominous take on FFXIV fashion, the game contains several attire options with dark grandeur for villainous glamour.

Main Scenario Quest Rewards

Defeating key figures in the Main Scenario Questline rewards their dark vestments:

  • Defeating the primal Thordan in Heavensward grants his foreboding armor like the Thordan attire set.
  • The level 80 role quest The Bozjan Incident offers the garb of warmongers like the Bozjan coat of fending upon completion.

Villainous MSQ Glamour Rewards

Thordan Armor of Fending Bozjan Coat of Fending

PVP Gear Sets

Player-vs-Player combat offers the glamours of FFXIV warmongers and tyrants:

  • Tiered Feast PVPrewards include the iconic Makai gear sets worn by evil overlords.
  • Frontline PVPplay unlocks militant attire like the Storm/Flame officers coats of the two Grand Companies.

PVP Villain Attire Rewards

Makai Captain's Mask Storm Officer's Overcoat

Alliance Raid Gear

The 8 and 24-man raids pit players against terrifying villains with striking armor as rewards:

  • The Mhachi raids offer Gothic horror villain attire like the Mhachi garb sets.
  • The Ivalice Raids feature dignified armor of good and evil knights like Rabanastre gear.

Raid Gear Villain Glamours

Mhachi Robe of Casting Rabanastre Plate Belt of Fending

Glamour Strategies for Nobility and Villainy

Now that you have a wide array of noble and sinister glamour options, here are some tips on bringing the look together:

Match Main and Sub-Pieces

Glamour plates allow gear slots to use different glamoured looks while achieving a cohesive aesthetic. Mix nobler main pieces with sinister accents and vice-versa.

Obtain Dyes

Plan out a color scheme and obtain requisite dyes from the market board or crafting to accentuate ornate patterns and metal accents.

Level Crafters

Leveling crafters like Weaver, Armorer, and Leatherworker opens new glamour options and allows for directly crafting unattainable cash shop attire.

Use Salon for Details

The Aesthetician salon in main cities allows tweaking of details like tattoos, facial features, and hair that can elevate sinister or elegant themes.

Coordinate with Mounts & Minions

Choose mounts and minions that align with the attire's mood - dark sinister dragons and demons for villainy, bright unicorns and angels for nobility.

By combining striking FFXIV attire showcasing grandeur andête with careful customization through dyes, crafting and detailing, players can roleplay powerful figures of both benevolence and malice upon Eorzea and beyond.


FFXIV's extensive range of gear, rewards, and customization system enables nearly unlimited freedom in player self-expression through glamour. Whether channeling elegant nobility or flaunting sinister spectacle, the path to majestic attire lies through challenging game content granting access to its great sartorial treasures.

Specialist crafters can directly augment this dazzling raiment with their skills, while salon access and smart color combinations add the final flair bringing vivid fantasies of power to life.

So venture forth through dungeons, raids, quests and achievements to claim vestments befitting FFXIV royalty and villains before wowing the realm with your majestic looks!


  1. What is glamour in FFXIV?

    • Glamour is FFXIV's transmogrification system that lets you change gear appearance while keeping its stats. It enables roleplaying different themes.
  2. How do you get glamour prisms in FF14?

    • Glamour prisms for using glamours are bought with Grand Company seals, crafted, or purchased from the market board.
  3. What are FFXIV glamour plates?

    • Glamour plates allow you to save glamour outfits mixes and pieces to apply instantly without using up prisms. They expand creative options.
  4. What is the glamour dresser in FFXIV?

    • The glamour dresser stores gear pieces whose appearance you have unlocked for glamouring anytime without taking up inventory space.
  5. How do you glamour gear in FFXIV?

    • Using a glamour prism, right click a gear piece with the appearance you want to apply and select "Cast glamour" onto the target gear getting changed.